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There are things you could miss during the "make your video go viral" process which could cost you big time in both views and money... and you don't want that to happen, do you?

For this reason, we've decided to create this video series... to make absolutely sure you don't miss any of the key, crucial, important steps when it comes to:

  • Making your video appear like it was created by a professional.
  • Optimizing your videos properly to get the maximum possible views on YouTube.
  • Spreading your video around properly so it has the best chance of going viral.
  • Getting your videos to convert properly once they're up and getting views.

If you miss just one crucial step during any of these processes, it could mean a viral video lost, countless sales lost, which at the end of the day means money lost, and hard work going down the drain (after all, these videos do take time to make).

But, we wanted to make sure that didn't happen to you.

For this reason, we've made a detailed series of high quality videos which take you through LITERALLY every aspect of the entire process step by step, and in video format, so you can see what's being done on ON YOUR SCREEN, and never miss a thing.

Here's what you NEED to learn... and exactly what you WILL be taught...

  • What is Video Marketing and why should you care?
  • Creating highly effective & professional videos on a budget
  • Types of marketing videos
  • Where to distribute your videos for maximum exposure
  • A quick guide to YouTube marketing
  • How to make sure your videos convert

These videos were designed to give you detailed instructions quickly, and allow you to follow along in such an effortless fashion because everything's completely laid out for you.

When you go through it yourself, all you'll have to do is essentially repeat what was already shown to you (just with your own video) and you'll be good to go.

Before this course was made available, these principles were taught to a friend... we'll call him Mike (as he hasn't given us permission to use his real name).

Mike had a normal job that he was going to every single day, and he absolutely HATED it. His boss was a complete jerk, he was underpaid, unappreciated, and was forced to work LONG hours on a tight salary.

He'd tried several times to free himself via an online career, trying every principle and technique he could get his hands on to become a true blue Internet Marketer... but all to no avail.

Time and time again, he would try something new, he would wait a few days to see if it worked, and each time, it failed him miserably... and then he'd simply go back to work after that, and do the same thing, all over again.

After learning the principles we teach in this video course, Mike was able to start a part-time business on the side creating cheap videos in his spare time which looked amazing.

On top of that, he used his skills to market these videos and make them go viral. People heard about how well he was doing with other people's videos, and he got A LOT of referral business FAST.

Before he knew it, he was able to fire his boss and quit his job for good … going full-time as a professional video creator and video marketer.

After that, he quickly got into affiliate marketing as well, and began promoting various offers in several different niches purely using the techniques you're going to learn in this course.

Now, he gave up on his freelancing business entirely, and doesn't have to answer to anyone; not a boss, not clients, no one... he simply makes all of his own money creating simple, elegant videos in his spare time then promoting those videos around the net, and finally, allowing those videos to convert into sales for his affiliate offers... which means (at the end of the day) cold, hard cash for him, simply by spending a few hours a day making and promoting some videos.

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