Speedleads – Transforms your Web-Browser into a Traffic and Lead Machine

Keith's Exclusive Bonus Package

Transforms your Web-Browser into a Traffic and Lead Machine

Speed Leads will transform the way marketers share content, because it…

INSTANTLY Turns Every Link You Share Into
Red Hot Leads

SpeedLeads lets you add a Call to Action and branding to any page you share on social media. In seconds. Right from within the page you’re sharing…Take advantage of any viral content or authority content you see, to drive more traffic and sales to YOUR business…

All in 3-clicks…

1. Click on the Speed Leads icon in your browser
2. Select the Call-to-Action you want to add to the page
3. Then choose where you want to share the link for maximum impact!

Speedleads BONUSES

Bonus #1 –

Conversion Cheat Sheet (Pdf)
A must have: 7 conversion triggers to boost your sales with Speed Leads
The 7 Most Powerful Conversion Triggers You Can Use to Increase Your Opt-ins and Sales

Mastering these 7 “magic triggers” is the key to plugging your leaky sales funnel and putting a stop to all that wasted traffic, embarrassing optin rates and deflating sales figures.

Deeply wired into the brain – we all respond to these triggers on an unconscious level. They bypass our conscious filtering process.
The brain responds to them automatically – like a “reflex” action.
Print this guide out, keep it handy and please use with care – this is some powerful information indeed!

Bonus #2 –

 The Wishloop Guide to
Facebook Lead Ads

We’re giving you the full source material so that you can rebrand our Facebook Lead Ads Guide.

Use this to build your list in the exact same way we have, or sell it for a profit – Its up to you.

Bonus #3 –

Video Profits Unleashed
A Step by Step Tutorial on How to Create & Launch Profit Pulling Videos

There are millions of websites all trying to catch the customer’s eyes, but only a handful ever get more than a small stream of visitors.  To be truly profitable, you need visitors, and a lot of them. The more targeted visitors you get, the more money you make.

And you can easily attract these targeted visitors through videos.  This step by step video training course will guide you on how to create your own profit pulling videos regardless of any services or products you sell.

Bonus #4 –

Keyword to Tooltip (WP Plugin)
( with White Label Rights for OTO Buyers )
Easily add stylish and slick tooltips to your WordPress site with Keyword to Tooltip

A great way to explain technical terms easily, and help your visitors stay longer on your website!

Keyword to Tooltip looks stunning and is a great solution to easily attach a brief description to technical terms in seconds.

Bonus #5 –

Survey Engage (WP Plugin)
( with White Label Rights for OTO Buyers )

Survey Engage is a simple solution which allows you to display surveys anywhere on your website, by just using a WordPress short-code.

Get to know your readers better so you can increase conversions by better catering to their needs.
You can create intuitive and easy to use surveys for your visitors in less than 5 minutes.

Bonus #6 –
( with White Label Rights for OTO Buyers )

WP Story Box

WP Story Box is the best solution to easily add animations ALL OVER your website in an elegant & fashionable way
  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • It’s all visual. You don’t even need a keyboard
  • Intuitive Administration System
  • So cool, you can extend it without programming skills!

Bonus #7 –

WP iAsk Survey Plugin
( with White Label Rights for OTO Buyers )

WP iAsk is a fantastic and useful WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and effortlessly incorporate surveys into your WordPress website.

It’s fast, easy-to-use and extremely powerful!

With WP iAsk you can create engaging surveys with different types of questions and easily control how it appears on the page.

But that’s not all…

Perhaps the BEST thing about this plugin is that you’ll have the ability to gather important results and statistics of the answers supplied by your visitors… and you’ll make better decisions based on that data!

Bonus #8 –

IM Web graphics Pack
Over 2,500 Web-ready Marketing Graphics Including BONUS Animated Graphics.
  • These graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, and are already in a “web ready” format
  • 84 Checkmarks and Bullets
  • 144 “Call To Action” buttons
  • 162 “Bonus” icons
  • And HEAPS More!

Bonus #9 –

275+ HD Backgrounds

Marketing campaigns look stunning with full HD backgrounds, so these are just the ticket.

Full size, HD quality and with commercial rights.

  • 101 vector polygon backgrounds
  • 75 vector geometric backgrounds
  • 51 vector grunge backgrounds
  • 34 particle/stripe backgrounds
  • 18 motion backgrounds