QuizFunnels – Lead Generating, List Building Micro-commitment Quizzes

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Fire Proof Strategy with Super Segmented Targeting Campaigns to MULTIPLY Your Sales & Leads

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What are the benefits?

QuizFunnels will help in engaging your customer in a radical way. There are four major benefits from this tool:

1. Lead Capture: Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of their quiz or assessment using our customizable lead capture form.

2. Integration: Easily integrate their quiz or assessment with their favorite email software, allowing them to build automated email campaigns that drip the perfect content to every lead captured.

3. Segmentation: The users can segment their quiz or assessment takers by their results and send them emails tailored to how they answered your quiz or assessment.

4. Product promotion: Promote the perfect product or services right after their leads receive quiz takers results, making sure they never miss a sales opportunity.

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