Must have software for internet marketers in 2016

In 2015 we have seen a ton of great software for internet marketers come onto the scene. Everything from Video (hot, hot, hot), Customer Engagement, SEO & Social Media. However, which ones stood out the most? Here is a list of some of the hottest selling software that provide internet marketers the most value.


Since Facebook released its latest Ad Leads feature, internet marketers have been all over it. This new feature is very powerful as it allows auto-fill on forms for mobile users. It’s literally, ‘tap, tap’ and the visitor has opted in. However, where Facebook Lead Ads falls short, is you have to manually export the subscribers from Facebook and import them into your email platform (autoresponder).

This is where ConnectLeads comes in. This powerful software bridges the gap by automating this process. Simply enter your autoresponder credentials into ConnectLeads and anyone who subscribes to one of your Facebook Lead Ads will automatically be sent to your autoresponder.

One important thing to note about this process, and probably the most important, is that if you do not automate your Facebook Lead Ads subscribers you have no way to send that user through your Email Marketing Funnel. That makes very painful for any user to get the full value from the newly acquired lead. That is where the value of ConnectLeads meets its full potential.

Here is some quick training around Facebook Lead Ads & ConnectLeads. Watch the Training

ConnectLeads - Automating Facebooks Lead Ads Platform

Social Kickstart

Social Kickstart provides serious marketers with everything they need to create amazing campaigns from a single location. From market research, to insight gathering, to ad management.

Social Kickstart allows you to manage all your Facebook pages, posts and scheduling from one interface, catch up on what’s viral from the moment you perform a search and share it with your audience (it syncs with Pinterst, Instagram and YouTube as well), increase your Edge Rank & create profitable ads all from one interface.

The drag & drop Ad creator is one of the highlights of this tool, not to mention the up-to-date ‘what’s hot now’ search feature. Social Kickstart also has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Overall, one of the easiest and most valuable Social Media Tools on the market today.

Social Kickstart - Everything You Need To Rapidly Grow Your Traffic, Leads, and Social Presence, Capitalizing From the World’s Largest 1.5 BILLION User Platform! All in One Facebook Marketing Tool!

Easy VSL

EasyVSL is a video sales letter creation software. It allows you to create VSL’s by simply importing your video script and syncing your audio track.
EasyVSL offers some powerful features such as, automatic slide creation, custom background scenes, custom fonts, insertion of any pre-made video, speech to text & translation with almost any language.
Some of the latest features include, enhanced transitions, effects and animations, built in audio recording and 1-click video syndication.
What I love about EasyVSL most is I don’t have to be in front of the camera but my audience can still hear me… and my message.
Check out some quick training here.
EasyVSL - The #1 Video Sales Letter (VSL) Creator and Sales Converting Video Software Online!


Voicestak is one of the most powerful customer engagement applications of 2015. Voicestak allows you to collect voice or video messages from your visitors right from your webpage.

The power lies in being able to collect testimonials, social proof and build your list all while creating the ever important connection with an existing or potential customer.

Some of the features include, customizable widget designs, sms marketing capability, email integration, YouTube integration, reporting and it embeds on just about any site regardless of what framework you are using.

Voicestak - Capture Voice & Video Messages on Your Website from Visitors & Customers.

Long Tail Pro

Although there are many keyword research tools out there, Long Tail Pro has been time tested and offers some pretty robust features.

Long Tail Pro can analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. Find out important SERP data like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, Pagerank, number of Backlinks & Domain Age. Not only that but, it offers Pay-per-click analysis, real-time filtering, a rank checker and a custom built confidence rating.

What I really like is the development team is constantly updating its algorithm based on the major Search Engines latest changes (which it is constantly changing).  Long Tail Pro is definitely a winner when it comes to keyword and competitive analysis.

Long Tail Pro - Since 2011, Long Tail Pro has been Battle-Tested by 70,000+ Marketers & SEOs As the #1 Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Software.

Mints App

Mints App is one of the most powerful cloud-based customer acquisition and
engagement software to hit the market strapped with smart
customer-driven gunnels technology
to get you unrivaled results.

Mints App offers real-time reporting, multiple funnel designs & lead capture that will set your Social presence on fire. Check out the full capabilities of this app by clicking the button below.

Mints App - Unseen Cloud Software Builds Smart, Self-Optimising Customer-Driven Sales Funnels That Interact & Engage Your Audience, Capture Fresh New Leads & Sell Your Products on The Go… Literally in MINUTES!

Video Rankr

VideoRank allows you to syndicate and embed your videos to a private list of video sites, syndicate your videos to all the top social bookmarking sites, build backlinks from high-quality 301-redirect sites, syndicate your videos to all the top video blogging sites, syndicate your videos to over 300 of the top directory sites, build backlinks from high-quality URL shortening sites and produce High-Retention Views And Likes For Your Videos all at the press of a button.

VideoRank offers a very easy-to-use, slick interface which makes finding and getting your videos ranked and profitable as easy as 1-2-3.

VideoRankr - New Web-Based, Video Marketing Technology Produces Page 1 Rankings In 48 Hours Or Less...


Freshmember is robust membership site platform. If you have ever wanted to teach people your particular skill, then a membership site is one of the best ways to get that knowledge into the hands of others.

Freshmember allows you to create online courses that offer simple digital downloads, immediate or scheduled drip fed content, access controlled levels of delivery, comment moderation, interactive Q&A, Facebook group and page integration, and intuitive reporting.

Basically, if you have knowledge of ANY subject matter, you can use this platform to get it to the masses. Not only does Freshmember offer email integration but also payment gateway integration as well as affiliate integration so others can sell your knowledge.

Freshmember is a secure and scaleable solution to help you build your business.

Freshmember - Set Up Your Profit-Generating Membership Sites in Minutes...

WP Certify

If you’re a WordPress user, you can have maximum  control over your content much like you can with Freshmember. If Access control is your desired outcome and you are a WordPress user, WP Certify may be the answer you are looking for. Watch the video above to see how WP Certify can help you. For more information click the button below.

WPCertify - The Way You Control Access To Downloads, Purchases, Content, Coaching Programs, Video Training Or Recurring Payment Programs.

FunnelKit Go for WordPress

With FunnelKit Go for WordPress you can create stunning marketing pages in minutes. The drag and drop interface is so easy, even the most inexperienced marketer can use it.

One of the coolest and most unique features is the geolocater feature which works great for local marketing and all the designs are mobile friendly. It’s one of the most comprehensive page builders I have used and it walks you through the 5 step process, step-by-step. If you are a WordPress user and don’t have time to mess around, then FunnelKit Go is a great place to start.

FunnelKit Go - Create stunning Marketing pages in minutes.