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First of all, I’m excited about InstaNiche and what it can do for me in terms of saving time, money and the ability to create many niche products sites using the simple step-by-step process. So, let’s get into that process.

When you first login you are presented with your Dashboard. Your Dashboard gives you a snapshot of the sites you have created, a few suggested niche’s to get started with as well as how many messages you have and some statistics around how many articles and niche’s are currently available in the InstaNiche database. I was happy to see that both of these numbers increased since the last time I logged in, showing me that the team is continually adding more content.

The first step is choosing from the most popular Amazon niche’s. Once you make your choice you are led to choose your keywords. You can choose up to 3 keywords to rank for. Once chosen you will then be asked to choose 1 “Main” keyword phrase. This keyword will be used to determine which articles will be available to you on the next step.

From here, you are allowed to choose 3 articles, which you can preview before you make your choice. They are well written and easy to read which is a plus. There are thousands of articles to choose from, so take your time when choosing your first 3 articles. You can add more articles at a later time so no worries if you find more than 3. For each article you can then set a thumbnail and main image that will be used for the post. The nice thing is, they have a build in image search so you do not need to supply your images, however, they do allow you to upload your own if you want.

The next step leads you to choose a domain name. You will want to choose wisely and be sure to include that “Main” keyword you picked in the last step. This will help build the “theme” for SEO ranking. Here is where there is an additional fee of $15 per domain, which you can purchase in app for connivence. InstaNiche takes care of setting up the domains DNS settings so there is no technical knowledge needed for this step. You can also choose to use a domain you already own and InstaNiche will give you the correct DNS settings so you can update your existing domains.

The next step gives you the option to add any Amazon products you want, by entering in the ASIN number of the product. Any manual products you enter are in ADDITION to the products InstaNiche will automatically pull in for you for each of the 3 keywords you picked back in step 2.

The final step is to click the “Build Site” button. Once that process is complete (takes about 60 seconds) your site is ready to go.

There are a couple of items to note. You can edit the site once built using the login credentials you will be sent after you finish the “Build Site” process. Each site is built on WordPress, so if you are familiar with WordPress it’s a piece of cake to add or edit any content you wish once the site is built.

Another point is you will still need to work on the SEO for the site. The beauty of InstaNiche is it gives you beginning of a “Themed” website, which is much easier to rank than your standard blog because you will be trying to rank for very specific keywords. If you are not familiar with SEO techniques, then I would suggest getting the InstaNiche Academy upsell. This features hours of training videos that will show you step-by-step instructions on how to begin to rank your sites to show up on Page One of Google. If you are versed in SEO, then you already know the drill.

In conclusion, InstaNiche saves TONS of time setting up a “themed” site and really is a “click and go” software. Click the “Show Me More” button below to get the full scoop on what InstaNiche can do for you!

InstaNiche 5 steps

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