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Recently Facebook has made a ANOTHER major change to their News Feed Algorithm. Here is an excerpt from the Get Social website:

Facebook News Feed changed. Again. The first alarms went off in Menlo Park last year: Facebook users were sharing less, Facebook’s news feed was getting cluttered. A report published by The Information even mentioned an astonishing 21% drop in shares and updates made by active users.

Facebook’s concern on this matter rose to a point where they have made not one, but two changes in the news feed algorithm in just three months.

“We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about.” – their latest blog post states, sharing an unsettlement that content coming from publishers and brands is overwhelming their users. The author continues by saying “So we are updating the Facebook News Feed over the coming weeks so that the things posted by the friends you care about are higher up in your News Feed”.

The result:  Facebook is now updating their feed towards more content from the people we know and less from the companies who pay to be seen.

I adored this rant I heard a couple weeks ago: “Facebook legitimately does not want to you to reach your audience organically – it’s time to accept that and plan accordingly”.

Every company that depends on Facebook to distribute their content and get traffic to their owned properties knows that things are tough. Your organic reach is minimal and if you want your content to be read, you’ll have to pay for it. Now, with these new changes, it seems there’s going to be even less stock for user’s eyeballs which, by classic economic laws, will only make content distribution even pricier.

Take a look at what of the most prolific Internet Marketers of our time, Frank Kern, has to say about it!


So what does this mean to you? Basically, the free organic traffic storm from the Facebook News Feed will have even less relevance.

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Why relevance score matters
Understanding relevance scores helps advertisers in a few key ways:

It can lower the cost of reaching people. Put simply, the higher an ad’s relevance score is, the less it will cost to be delivered. This is because our ad delivery system is designed to show the right content to the right people, and a high relevance score is seen by the system as a positive signal.

Of course, relevance isn’t the only factor our ad delivery system considers, Bid matters too. For instance, if two ads are aimed at the same audience, there’s no guarantee that the ad with an excellent relevance score and low bid will beat the ad with a good relevance score and high bid. But, overall, having strong relevance scores will help advertisers see more efficient delivery through our system.

It can help advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign. Advertisers can test different combinations of image and copy with different audiences, and learn which combinations offer the highest relevance scores.
It can help optimize campaigns already in progress. While ad campaigns are running, advertisers can monitor their relevance scores. If a score begins to dip, it may be an indicator that the ad’s creative or audience

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