Building & Implementing a Sales Funnel

How Do I Build A Sales Funnel?

You probably fall into one of the following categories…

You have your sales funnel mapped out. Either on paper or in your head. So… how do you get that sales funnel out of your head and in front of your customers?


You don’t have your sales funnel mapped out and are wondering, “What the hell is a sales funnel?”

Well… This article is not Internet Marketing 101. What I mean by “How Do I Build A Sales Funnel?” is, how do I actually build the funnel pages. In this article you will not learn about the basics of a sales funnel, but let’s just do a quick overview of the elements of a sales funnel (if you’re bored, click here to skip this part).

What is a sales funnel?

Always start with your end goal in mind. What is the outcome you are looking for? From there create a landing page pressing the benefits of what you’re selling. What is the problem statement? What problem are you trying to solve? In the end: Solve it for them!

So… The simplest way to explain is the top of the funnel are the, “prospects”. These are the leads you will get from your Landing Pages. Your landing page is most likely the first impression your future customers will have of you or your business. The purpose of a landing page is to encourage visitors to sign up to your email markting list in exchange for some sort of free valuable offer.

The next step is to offer those leads an opportunity to purchase one of your products or services. You are basically, pre-selling the next step of the funnel.

According to Todd Brown of

“When constructing your main front-end products and associated upsell offers, you should be engineering them with the additional mindset of . . . how will this help create more desire for the next [backend] offer [you’re] going to present them with,”

You are offering your “prospect”, who just converted to a “customer” by purchasing your offer, most likely an opportunity to upgrade a service. But what if they don’t convert? Then offer a downsize option. Don’t look at a downsize offer as a failed conversion even though it is a cheaper option, but instead a customer who is unable to purchase at that exact time. Circumstances change and they are still a potential customer.

Finally, keep the momentum moving forward. Follow up to be sure they are satisfied with the purchase and just as important, if they are dissatisfied. So many Marketers view negative feedback as defeat. To the contrary, use this feedback to improve on your funnel. A funnel is only as strong as its’ weakest point. So keep your head up and fix the hole in the bucket.

Remember, anyone who has passed the “Lead Magnet” gate, is a potential customer. For more in depth information about “The basics of a Sales Funnel”, click below to access a free video.

Implementing Your Sales Funnel

Ok.. Ok… So how do I get my funnel in front of my customers?

For most marketers this can be a daunting task. Implementing your funnel can be expensive. Hiring designers and developers comes with a hefty price tag. I suggest checking out Click Funnels Automation by Russell Brunson.

Click Funnels is loaded with all the features you need for sales funnels, membership funnels, webinar funnels (including automated webinar funnels), Hangout funnels, order pages, upsell pages, downsale pages and so much more.

Click Funnels also offers a Free 14-day Trial to evaluate the software to see if it’s right for you.

Watch the video below for a quick glance into the Click Funnels Automation Software.

Click Funnels continues to load value into its’ software by providing an extensive library of video tutorials. They really leave no stone unturned.

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